Building a brighter future of work

Introducing Alvaria Horizons™  — an innovation lab that thinks differently about how to foster growth and support for people at work. Follow along as we shape the next generation of workforce technology.

On the horizon

A new generation of people experience technology

We’re living in a new reality of work, stuck with workforce tools built for yesterday. Our first major project redefines how the world’s leading companies use technology to create a new experience of work for their people.

Unified Data Vision

Imagine an intelligent workforce platform that connects and consolidates data from any employee database to form one source of truth for your company.

Transformative Tools

A platform that gives business leaders the power to transform and personalize their data to fit any business model, need, or objective.

Empowered Teams

And what if you could use that personalized data to better empower, inform, and align your teams? What would your world look like?

The Future of Work

We're building the workforce platform of the future, to unlock a new realm of work possibilities. It's just on the horizon.

Our purpose

Pioneering tools and technology for the new world of work

Accelerated by a culture-shifting global pandemic, and empowered by rapid advancements in technology, the professional landscape has fundamentally changed. We merge our innovative legacy with renewed curiosity and openness, introducing new tools and perspectives to elevate the way humans and technology collaborate.

A man sitting in front of a laptop, smiling at the camera


of employees agree it is important that their organization see them as a person, not just an employee. Source: Gartner

A woman and a man standing in an office conversing with stern looks on their faces


of HR leaders are more concerned about employees’ well-being today than they were before the pandemic. Source: Gartner

A woman working on her laptop in a café with a frustrated look on her face


of employees are reportedly impacted by digital friction. Source: Forbes

Building a brighter future of work

Building a brighter future of work

Tomorrow’s solutions to people-first technology

Follow along as we shape the next generation of workforce technology.