About Alvaria Horizons

People-first, problem solving

An intentional team of industry veterans, strategic leaders, and design thinkers coming together to envision solutions that feel refreshingly new and relevant for today's unique challenges. Together, we’re putting people first and building workforce technology that makes a difference.

A history of innovation

From legacy to leading-edge

With more than 80 years of collective business history, Alvaria emerged from the combination of two influential technology companies—Aspect Software and Noble Systems. That’s why we’re already trusted by leaders across all industries, from commercial banks to airlines and beyond.


Registered patents evidence our commitment to innovation.


Companies around the world using our technology.


Meet our team

Darryl Kelly

An innovator with more than 15 years of industry experience, Darryl blends curiosity with innovation, moving from consulting to C-suite roles, and enhancing organizational productivity.

Cam Smith

With over 20 years in customer and employee experience, Cam has driven growth by merging technology with human insight, leading strategic development in employee engagement tech.

Kelly Maiden

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Kelly specializes in crafting innovative strategies that amplify brand growth, engagement, and loyalty. She is passionate about blending compelling storytelling with creative design to capture the hearts and minds of customers and accelerate business growth.

Royce Haynes

Royce is an engineer and entrepreneur who has a passion for creating simple products that help people work together. Royce was an engineering leader at Tilt, Twitter, Pandora, and Next Big Sound. He has a BS in computer science from Kansas State University.

Stephen Krieger

Stephen mines for gold at the heart of every conversation. Using skills honed in non-profits and at home as a father of 3, he can deftly diffuse conflict, create a strategy, and help get everyone moving in the right direction. He’s also a self-professed nerd for old books, statistics, and 90s TV trivia.

Gillian Grefé

Gillian has provided creative direction and brand strategy for more than 50 brands over the last 15 years, both on the agency and in-house side. Launching net-new brands and rebuilding existing brands, Gillian has worked with leading companies and studios like Shapemaker, Casper, Red Antler, General Mills and more.

Alexander Diner

Design leader, full-stack brand builder, entrepreneur, family guy. A lifetime of curiosity and over a decade across strategy, brand, and product has led Alexander to one idea that (more or less) drives all of his work: good design is good business.

Derek Adams
Product Marketing

Derek has been writing professionally about technology both from the technical and marketing perspectives for almost 25 years. He continues to be fascinated and curious about the progress of innovation.

Elizabeth Burke
User Research

With a background in public education and a passion for human centered design, Elizabeth brings her superpowers of deep listening, empathy, keen observation, and storytelling to transform information into empowered insights to that inspire meaningful action.

Michelle Huey

Michelle spent the start of her career working with middle school and high school students. They taught her everything she knows about working with people, doing your best work, and not taking yourself too seriously. She is a one-woman support system ready with an Excel spreadsheet or just the right GIF.

Derek Adams
Product Marketing

An innovator with more than 15 years of industry experience, Darryl blends curiosity with innovation, moving from consulting to C-suite roles, and enhancing organizational productivity.

Vision & Values

A brighter future of work — where technology amplifies our collective human potential.

People Centric

We prioritize enhancing the human experience with empathetic, user-focused technology, ensuring our innovations advance with humanity at their core.

Curiosity & Exploration

We embrace wonder and creativity, exploring diverse perspectives, technologies, and methodologies so the technology we’re building offers an entirely new angle.

Continuous Evolution

Committed to ongoing adaptation, we evolve our offerings in response to the dynamic landscape of work and technology, staying relevant and effective.

Empowering Transparency

Transparency is key in everything we do, building trust and ensuring everyone feels valued and well-informed, fostering a culture of open feedback.

Responsible Innovation

Our pursuit of "the next" is mindful of ethical implications and societal impact, aiming to use technology as a positive force that genuinely improves lives.

Bold Leadership

Guided by a vision of transforming the future of work, we dare to lead with unconventional ideas, challenging norms and pioneering new paths for human empowerment.


Join Us

Curious about driving change, pushing boundaries, and rolling up your sleeves to make people’s work life better? We’d love to chat.

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Tomorrow’s solutions to people-first technology

Follow along as we shape the next generation of workforce technology.